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Crawford Plains is a single story community school built in 1983.  The school is located in the south-east corner of Mill Woods. As well as the Crawford Plains immediate community, we have been designated as a welcoming school for the Ellerslie Waker Lakes community. 

Crawford Plains is in excellent condition and the physical plant is a bright, cheerful and welcoming environment. The library is located in the heart of the school which reflects our belief in the importance of literacy as the core of our learning program. As well as the classrooms, the hallways are utilized as additional learning areas. Parent involvement is a strong, positive force in the school and there is a wonderful sense of community. We have an active relationship with the extended community as well.  

We have four kindergarten classes, and sixteen classes for grades one to six.  This year, we anticipate adding two portable classrooms on the north side of the school to accommodate our growth.  We have one Interactions classroom in our school that will now accommodate students from grades 1-6. We strongly support a philosophy of inclusion within our school. We accommodate our students with special needs within regular classrooms with a wide variety of supports. We have structured our Language Arts program so that each grade level has their Guided Reading program at the same time. We have organized our staffing so that we can provide maximum support during each grade level's Guided Reading and for all core subject areas.  Our school has provided many opportunities for others to observe our inclusive educational practices in action.  We use a Collaborative Response to Intervention model to identify and plan for the needs of all students.



Crawford Plains School offers a wide variety of technology-integrated learning experiences to students:

  • Staff and student have access to Chromebooks and iPads, utilizing programs and internet-based resources to accompany regular curricular activities.
  • Full Wi-Fi access.
  • All of our classrooms are equipped with interactive Smartboards and document cameras which bring a new dimension of learning to our classrooms.
  • All students have Mathletics accounts and Division 1 students also have  Raz-Kids accounts that they can access from school and home to practice their numeracy and literacy skills.