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Parent Resources

Absentee Check

If your child is going to be late or absent, please contact Crawford Plains' Attendance Line and leave a message. If the message is not received, a staff member will contact those parents, either at home or at work, to verify their child's absence. Extended absences or tardiness, without proper reasons, will be addressed by the homeroom teacher and, if necessary, by one of the Administrators.

Attendance Line: (780) 463-7277.

A monthly calendar is posted directly to School Zone. 

Cold and Inclement Weather Policy

Recess for elementary school students is a time to provide a break from regular school routines and a chance to get some exercise and fresh air. It is expected that children will be dressed for the weather conditions (rain or snow or cold)  to be outside. When the temperature is colder than -23 celsius, or if the wind-chill factor creates an equally cold situation, or if there is a storm with extreme weather conditions, regular outside recess is cancelled and students are allowed to remain indoors under their teacher's' supervision.


District schools do not close due to bad weather. Assume that schools are open unless you hear otherwise through the media or directly from the school.

Schools need to remain open even under the most severe weather conditions to provide a safe environment for students who choose to attend. It is up to you to decide whether or not to send you child to school on days with severe weather, but inform the school if you choose to keep your child at home.


Recess is an important break from the regular school routine, and gives students a chance to get fresh air and exercise. Schools will continue to have morning and afternoon recess breaks, even in bad weather so students should dress appropriately.

Students will only be kept inside during recess if:

  • it is raining heavily,
  • temperatures drop to -23 degrees celsius

Respectful Learning and Working Environments

Edmonton Public Schools, in co-operation with its staff groups, is committed to creating a healthy and respectful learning environment for students, staff members, trustees, parents, volunteers and contractors.

We recognize the worth of every person without discrimination. We are committed to working toward the elimination of objectionable behaviour in our schools and workplaces, and to maintaining an environment that is respectful, safe, nurturing and positive for everyone.

Please help us achieve this goal by interacting in a manner which respects the dignity and value of others.

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