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Interactions Program 

The Interactions Program is designed to meet the needs of students who have been diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders.  Autism spectrum disorders impact how people understand what they see, hear and sense. These lifelong disabilities can result in difficulties in communication, social relationships, behaviour and/or learning. Although some students with autism spectrum disorders achieve at grade level, many have uneven or delayed achievement. The Interactions Program helps students with autism spectrum disorders to improve their communication, social interaction and behavior while developing academic skills in keeping with their individual abilities.

Crawford Plains currently offers full day programming that is focused on academics.  Children are provided with highly engaging and individualized learning tasks tailored to their individual needs and abilities.  In a close knit classroom with specially trained staff, students are both challenged and supported to gain academic and life skills, as well as to develop and apply communication skills and socially appropriate behaviour.

The Interactions program is an integral part of the school culture at Crawford Plains. Students in the Interactions class are involved in all school activities in addition to being included in mainstream classes for part of their day.  Students enjoy the opportunity to join their grade level peers for inclusive learning opportunities that are individualized for each one depending on their needs and abilities.


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