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French Immersion Program

Ce site nous donne accès à des ressources pour les enseignants, parents et étudiants du programme d'immersion.

French Immersion programming provides students with the opportunity to acquire or maintain proficiency in French. Students enrolled in French Immersion at Edmonton Public Schools receive 100% of their instruction in French in Kindergarten, Grade 1 and part of Grade 2. Students begin formal English Language Arts instruction in January of Grade 2, and continue to receive English Language Arts in Grades 3 to 12. French is the language of instruction in many subjects throughout a child's schooling in the French Immersion program.


•Proficiency in English and French
•Improved academic achievement Improved communication skills in a student’s first language
•Knowledge and appreciation of different cultures
•International language certification opportunities

Eligibility To register in Kindergarten or Grade 1, no previous knowledge of French is required. Students entering the program after Grade 1 are considered on an individual basis. For more information about eligibility, contact a school offering French Immersion.



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